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Fleet Management

With ROAM Asset Intelligence

Manage your fleet with real-time information that fuels agile decision-making

Our Fleet Management solution is a secure, cloud-based application that monitors the real-time location and trip progress, utilization, mechanical condition, driver performance, idle time and more. Our solution provides an easy way to help identify unauthorized use of a vehicle, sudden changes to performance, maintenance issues, speeding and excessive idling.

What does having full visibility of your vehicle assets mean to you in terms of measurable business value?

ROAM for Fleet Management is designed to support fleets of any size and vehicle type.
We will show you how much money you can save over the next 2-to-4 years with a customized ROI (Return-on-investment) Analysis.

  • Solution Features

Cost-Effective Control, Monitoring, and Compliance to Better Manage Your Assets

Live GPS Tracking & Route Planning

Current route and speed info, driver’s current driving time, distance driven, and rest period. Route planning & history, working time management, internal comms platform, digital forms, built-in mobile tracking, self vehicle inspection, driver ID & driving log.

Fuel Monitoring

Real-time information about the amount of fuel in the tank, average consumption, and fueling and discharging events, plus information for CO2 emission monitoring.

Fleet Maintenance

Total distance driven, fuel consumption, repair costs, compare repair costs and historical data of all your vehicles. Service reminders & inspection information about upcoming or overdue service, registration & insurance expiry dates.

Driver Behavior & Safety

Analysis of excessive idling, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering. Reduction of fuel and maintenance costs by up to 20%, reduce accidents by increasing driver safety with tracking of seatbelt, safe reversing, SOS button, & driver identification. Violation alerts for driving behavior.

  • Solution Benefits

Improve routing and utilization

Do your drivers have to wait too long at hubs or delivery points? Is travel continually delayed by traffic congestion and roadwork? Our solution provides insight that improves dispatch routing and scheduling.

Maximize driver productivity

How long does it take your drivers to locate a particular vehicle? How much idle time is spent each day? Are they sticking to their prescribed routes or taking unnecessary detours? Get clear data and facts.

Reduce costs

In addition to better vehicle utilization and productivity, our solution also gives you critical insight to driver behaviors that impact fuel consumption, insurance premiums, and other operating expenses.

Ensure safer operations

If there’s a problem with a vehicle — a maintenance issue, an accident, driver illness or a crime — sensors, alarms and panic buttons can be engaged to alert appropriate personnel and summon assistance.

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