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Temperature Monitoring

With ROAM Asset Intelligence

Ensure perishable cargo is accurately kept at the correct temperatures and humidity throughout the supply chain.

Precise data about the state of refrigerator devices and tools for dispatchers to monitor the items delivered, such as set point temperature, supply air temperature, return air temperature, ambient air temperature, defrost cycles, etc.

What does having full visibility of your vehicle assets mean to you in terms of measurable business value?

ROAM for Fleet Management is designed to support fleets of any size and vehicle type.
We will show you how much money you can save over the next 2-to-4 years with a customized ROI (Return-on-investment) Analysis.

  • Solution Features

Cost-Effective Control, Monitoring, and Compliance to Better Manage Your Assets

For Cold Storage and Reefer Trucks

ROAMWORKS’ solution provides precise data about the state of refrigerator devices and tools for dispatchers to monitor the items delivered.

Data Points

ROAMWORKS’ solution monitors all common Carrier and ThermoKing refrigeration unit temperature data, such as: Setpoint temperature, Supply air temperature, Return air temperature, Ambient air temperature, Defrost cycles for information filtration, etc.

  • Solution Benefits

Visualize important numbers & analyze them quickly

Temperature data is displayed in the form of charts. You can apply convenient filters, zoom in on data charts, and find information about each specific data point. Our remote temperature monitoring system can be extremely powerful in combination with GPS tracking - as of result, you can check not only when the changes in the temperature mode were made, but also where it happened.


Our solution helps to prevent financial losses caused by spoilt cargo. By maintaining the right temperature with the help of alarms and alerts, our solution ensures the goods are kept fresh for delivery.

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