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Tank Monitoring

With ROAM Asset Intelligence

Enhance tank fleet management with powerful asset intelligence

Tank fleet operators and owners rely on ROAMWORKS’ Tank Operations Monitoring Solution (TOMS) to provide valuable, real-time information on each tank in their fleet to eliminate theft, adulteration with the liquids and semi-solids they carry and distribute. Optimize your supply chain with accurate insight that drives operational and strategic decision-making today with the industry’s most robust and intuitive remote monitoring platform.

Full visibility and control of your stationary and mobile tanks anywhere in the world

Watch how ROAM for Tank Monitoring can improve your business operations and address supply-chain challenges. You’ll see why having full visibility of your stationary and mobile tanks enables you to drive down costs and create new revenue opportunities.

  • Solution Features

Cost-Effective Control, Monitoring, and Compliance to Better Manage Your Assets

Mobile & Stationary Tanks

Provides insights needed to maintain real time visibility and accountability of mobile and stationary tanks, helping to eliminate theft and adulteration of stored liquids and semi-solids stored and distributed in tanks.


Increase visibility and transparency at loading and off-loading sites.


Illegal off-loading detection throughout transit. Alarms & notifications for security threats and violations.


Geofence based off-loading and loading events. Idling mechanism to identify suspicious off-loading activities.


Live truck location and driver behavior information. System captures level information with +/-0.6% accuracy.

Analytical Reports

Collected data is used in various BI reports & dashboard that provide relevant & real-time data for further analyses.

  • Solution Benefits


Now it is possible to expand to other markets in a systematic and well-planned manner.


System alarms are crucial and powerful features to prevent damage and detect fuel adulteration.


TOMS provides end-to-end solution across various industries: Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Chemical Industry, Food & Beverages and more.


Informed decisions are possible now to optimize operations and resource usage.

Cost Effective

Reduce operational costs.


Both real-time and historical data is the core value of this solution. Gain greater visibility of your tanks throughout a trip to detect product discrepancy on time.


Be notified when there are security threats or violations.


It is the proper way to adjust some of the authorities regulations both locally and internationally.

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